Style Esteem Workshops

Join Clinton for a 90-minute LIVE interactive workshop on Zoom that will help you:

  • Reframe your thoughts about your appearance
  • Discover your own personal style based on your life's unique priorities
  • Rely less on the opinions of others

Upcoming Date:


The ultimate goal? Empowering you to...


ClintonPointing-Smallerv3 (1)

That's right.

Clinton believes it is 100% possible for you, with some earnest effort, to feel profoundly satisfied with the style choices you make every day, regardless of what anyone else thinks about those choices!

The workshop will include written exercises, lectures, and discussions.

You may choose to share your insights with other members of the workshop, or stay silent. No pressure. But Clinton will want to see your face!

You'll need:

A pen

Some paper

A computer, phone or tablet with an enabled camera

Familiarity with Zoom

A positive attitude

Enroll now! Clinton is excited to see you!

Special pricing for Clinton's workshop is $40. The price of future workshops is subject to increase.

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