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Style Workshops

From my classic Style Esteem Workshop to teaching you about the nuts and bolts of style, I love engaging with you on Zoom!

Online workshops via Zoom are 90 minutes including a live Q&A. There is some potential for direct interaction between you and me. But if you're shy and rather just listen, don't worry! I never call on anyone who hasn't raised a hand to participate. Tickets are $40. I don't have any workshops scheduled at the moment, but new workshops will be announced on my social media pages!

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One-on-One Consultations

If you'd like to meet with me privately to discuss your style, we can probably make that happen, based on your location and my availability. One-on-one consults take place in a public location in downtown Manhattan or via Zoom and generally last about an hour. During that time, I will ask about your style goals and together we can develop a plan for achieving them. This service does not include any shopping or trying on clothes, but I'll be happy to comment on the clothes you wear to our meeting if you'd like. Investment: $750. Apply here.

In-person Makeovers

If you can come to NYC (or fly me to your city), we can spend the day shopping! After a consultation, during which time I'll do my best to get to know you and assess your style needs, we can hit whatever stores best suit your budget. You'll get final say over which clothes you ultimately buy, of course, but I will have strong opinions regarding what you should wear, which I will certainly share! If you'd like to add hair, makeup and/or a photo shoot to this, you certainly may. (That extra stuff is a little easier to do in NYC because I know lots of talented people, but we could probably make it work near you. Kinda depends if you live in a big city or a small town.) Investment starts at $5,000. Cost of clothes, hair services, makeup artist and/or photographer are additional fees. And if you'd like me to come to you, you'll have to cover my first-class airfare and hotel. What can I say -- I'm fancy! Apply here.

Surrogate Makeovers

These are fun! Let's say you can't come to NYC but you'd still like me to go shopping for you. It can happen! We'll have a conversation about your style desires and your budget. Then, you'll send me all your measurements and I will find a person in NYC with very similar measurements. That person is now your Style Surrogate! I will take him/her shopping and send you unretouched photos of all the best outfits (on your surrogate's body) with my suggestions for shoes and accessories. I will put all those clothes on hold for you and then you choose which outfits you'd like to purchase. Surrogate makeovers are $2,000. Apply here.

Clinton Kelly Work With Me--

Longer-term one-on-one style coaching

Let's face it: Healthy Style Esteem is a process. One workshop or meeting with me might not be enough for you. If you'd like to commit to more style introspection and concrete, individualized style plan, we can meet privately (in person in downtown Manhattan or via Zoom) once a week for six weeks. We'll begin with exercises to help you determine your style then move on to topics like strategic shopping, finding clothes that fit, creating cohesive looks and battling negative self-talk. A six-week, six-session package is $3,000. Each session is 45 minutes. Apply here.

Longer-term group style coaching

If you'd like style coaching with me but private sessions aren't in your budget, you can inquire about group coaching. We will cover the same topics as the six-week one-on-one program, but we'll do so in a group setting. Groups will last one hour and consist of 6 people. If you're interested in joining a group, you might have to be a little patient. Groups are more difficult to schedule and I want to make sure everyone in the group is at roughly the same "style esteem" level. If you would like to create your own group (for example, 6 friends!), your chances of beginning sooner are probably better! Price per person (six weeks, one group per week): $1,000. Apply here.

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